Pre-Order Nokia 8 Already Opened In Europe, Cheaper From Previous Announcements

After the long-awaited, finally HMD global has launched Nokia 8 as a flagship smartphone for this year. The good news is that smartphones are already available pre-orders for some countries in Europe, and it seems that the price offered during pre-order is not as expensive as the global HMD announcement.
As reported by Phone Arena, HMD global announced the price of Nokia 8 for the European market around 600 Euro. But many retailers in the European market are selling the flagship smartphone at a cheaper price.

For example, O2 and Mobilecom Debitel are German operators, where they offer Nokia 8 for € 577 and € 579 respectively. Interestingly, for those pre-orders through O2 operators will get free smartwatch Nokia Steel which has a price of € 129.95.  But not only in Germany alone you can get the Nokia 8 with a cheaper price, in Russia pre-order Nokia 8 also set a cheaper price. Customers who pre-order via Megafon can order the smartphone for € 575.
Indeed a discount of approximately € 25 it does not seem so great, but the price seems to attract more customers for at least the first week of sales. Unfortunately for now only countries in the European region alone can already pre-order, and not yet known when Nokia 8 is available for a wider market.

Designer Xiaomi Mi MIX Leaves MIX Second Generation Mi Design?

Xiaomi Mi MIX was a surprise last year, where the phablet comes with a super thin bezel. Smartphone is designed by a French designer named Phillippe Starck. The designer has visited Xiaomi to discuss the second generation concept of the bezel-less smartphone, and recently Starck has uploaded a new video on his Facebook account.

The video uploaded by Starck shows the design of bezel-less smartphones that allegedly became Mi MIX 2 because at the bottom right corner of the video is seen a text marked Conceptual Product Design Mi MIX 2. If true this is Mi MIX 2 design, it seems Xiaomi serious in the market Full-screen smartphone because the concept is very cool video.

On the video shows a super thin bezel on the right and left, as well as the top. While at the bottom of the bezel looks a little thicker, but still quite thin. According to rumors circulating today, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will come with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 95%.

For the specifications carried, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is rumored to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and a 3,400mAh battery. It seems that this smartphone will be smaller than its predecessor, because according to rumors currently circulating says Mi MIX 2 will come with a screen of 6 inches made by Japan Display. Competition smartphone with full-screen design seems to be increasingly crowded, where Apple also plans to launch the iPhone 8 with full-screen design in September. Given that Apple is a leading brand, its newest product launch can easily attract attention, so many other manufacturers are choosing to avoid launching their product along with the latest iPhone launch. 

HTC 10 goes for €290 on eBay Germany (Deal alert)

The HTC 10 went into the “old but gold” category after the U11 came out. It’s still a capable smartphone with a great camera and its Snapdragon 820 chipset still has plenty of oomph. Plus, it’s last call for those wanting a metal HTC, the company switched away to glass for the U-series.
There’s an offer on eBay for €290 while HTC’s official site sells it at €480. There’s a catch, of course. The item condition is “new, unused”, but this looks like an open box unit. Also, be warned some people have complained that they have received demo units from B-Ware deals (like this one).
HTC 10
HTC 10
This HTC 10 (32GB, Carbon Grey) is in Germany, but the seller will ship to much of Europe (notable exceptions are the British isles and Eastern Europe). Over 160 people already bought one at the time of writing this.

Nokia has a big event today, here's what to expect

Nokia (or rather, the new company behind Nokia now - HMD) has an event lined up for today at which it's expected to show off its first real flagship in a while - the Nokia 8. It will take place in London and will start at 7:30PM local time.
Here's what to expect.
Nokia 8
Before we get to the question marks let's take a look at what's more or less certain - the unveiling of the Nokia 8.
The phone is expected to have a 5.3" QHD display, a Snapdragon 835 chipset likely paired to 6GB of RAM. Finally, there should be a Zeiss-certified dual camera on the back.
The Nokia 8 will come in three clors - Silver, Copper Gold and Tempered Blue as leaks suggest.
Nokia 2
The Nokia 2 could share the spotlight with the Nokia 8. We know the phone is getting ready to become official - as evidenced by its leaked renders and a live photo.
We're pretty certain the Nokia 2 will be powered by a lowly Snapdragon 210 (or the nigh identical 212).
Nokia 3310 (2017) (3G)
Here things become very debatable as Nokia itself insists this device isn't real. A 3G-enabled version of the resurrected Nokia 3310 (2017) has been rumored (and denied) but we wouldn't count it out just yet.
And if there is 3G version of the Nokia 3310 (2017) it could very well be announced later today.
It's highly unlikely that Nokia will announce any other smartphones today. If it were, they would likely be the bigger (to the Nokia 8) Nokia 9 and a middle-of-the-road Nokia 7 with a Snapdragon 660.
Given the lack of solid recent leaks, we expect the Nokia 9 at a later time. The rumors and leaks are even scarcer when the Nokia 7 is concerned so we wouldn't bet on it being unveiled today either.
Stay tuned on GSMArena.com for the complete coverage of Nokia's event later today.

Google Home starts making phone calls in the US and Canada

Google Home is now able to make phone calls, as long as you're in the US or Canada. This functionality was rumored for many months until it got official at Google I/O back in May, and now it's finally in the process of rolling out.
There are, however, plenty of caveats, aside from the aforementioned geographical restriction. You can only call phone numbers from the US or Canada, but on the flip side your Google Home will be able to call any landline or mobile - as long as it has a phone number, you're good to go.
That said, there's no support for incoming calls yet, so you can't call other Google Home devices or take calls on yours yet. Furthermore, unless you use Google Voice or Fi (Google's carrier), the people you're calling will not see your actual phone number - instead they'll get "unknown" or "no caller ID". The obvious problem here is that most people ignore such calls. If you're on Fi or use Google Voice then you can tie your phone number to the Google Home to avoid this situation, and the company promises to offer a better solution to everyone else by the end of the year.
The good news is that voice calling is completely free, and doesn't use your smartphone plan's minutes or anything like that. To use the functionality, you just say the "OK Google" command and then, if you've given it access to your contacts, can even continue by saying "call mom" and it will do what you expect. Stuff such as "OK Google, call the nearest sandwich shop" should also work.
The feature will be rolled out completely for Google Home devices in the US and Canada within a week. There's no telling when (or if) voice call support will make it to the other markets where the device is available to buy (such as Australia, France, Germany, and the UK).

Nokia 8 announced: its dual camera boasts Zeiss lens and OZO audio

“With the Nokia 8 – we wanted to create the ultimate tool to tell our story”. That’s what HMD told us and we think is a perfect description for this dual-eyed Finn. Any story that stars Carl Zeiss is one we’ll listen to, but let’s start at the beginning.
The Nokia 8 has a 5.3” IPS LCD display on the front with QHD resolution and a blinding 700nits of max brightness. 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5 curves into the phone’s metal shell, which is milled out of 6000 series aluminum. The phone measures 7.9mm at the thickest point and has basic resistance to the elements with an IP54 rating.
The optical engineers at Zeiss helped make the lens for both the rear and the front cameras. The main camera features two 13MP sensors (color + monochrome) with 1.12µm pixels and an f/2.0 aperture. The color camera has optical image stabilization (OIS) and there is Laser autofocus and a dual LED flash to help in the dark.
The selfie camera is one-eyed, but otherwise similar – 13MP sensor (1.12µm pixels) with an f/2.0 aperture and phase detection autofocus. The phone can livestream split-screen footage from the front and back cameras to YouTube and Facebook, something HMD calls Dual-Sight.
Nokia 8: Polished Blue Nokia 8: Polished Blue Nokia 8: Steel Nokia 8: Steel
Nokia 8: Polished Blue • Steel
OZO – Nokia’s camera division – co-developed the 360° spatial surround audio recording, which will capture sound with a quality to match the sharp 4K video imagery. A rare feature, binaural audio, will give your viewers and even more immersive experience. The powerful Snapdragon 835 chipset handles all the necessary processing.
HMD partnered with Google to make Google Photos the default gallery app on the phone. You’ll get unlimited photo and video storage in the cloud, to bolster the 64GB built-in memory (there’s a microSD slot if you prefer to keep things offline).
Nokia 8: Tempered Blue Nokia 8: Tempered Blue Nokia 8: Polished Copper Nokia 8: Polished Copper
Nokia 8: Tempered Blue • Polished Copper
The Nokia 8 will start selling globally in September at a price of €600, which is steep but par for the course on a flagship smartphone. Pure Android (7.1 at launch) will allow HMD to breeze through major software updates, though the time frame for Android O is still under wraps.

The official Nokia 8 video ads give us a better look at the phone

HMD has just announced their first proper Nokia flagship device at a press event held in London - the Nokia 8.
The first video ads show you the phone from all angles and you get to see some of the phone's key features.
The Nokia 8 certainly has a lot going for it and we're not sure that the marketing department has chosen the proper features to highlight. Don't fret, you'll find the full scoop of the strong and bad points of the phone on our homepage.
Enjoy the videos. Here's a demo of how good the OZO spatial audio recording sounds on the Nokia 8. And let us know what you think, is 600 euro too steep for this flagship-level phone or not?